Tuesday, July 3, 2012

cuts like a knife

Lately, I find myself obsessing with the cutout trend. Cutouts are innovative fashion creations which we can rely on when we're tired of the sexy norm-- bandage dresses, venus cut/ plunging necklines, maxi dresses, and so forth and so on. What's refreshing about cutouts is that you can indulge in them without giving it all- a discreet show of skin- my take on sophisticated-sexy. 

For this look, I grabbed my fave maillot and introduced it to my faux-reptilian leggings. You'd think swim wear pieces only belonged to the vast sands and h20? Think again :) To extend my investments on swim wears, I stash them to the city to acquiant them with their urban potential :) ...

I've noticed I haven't posted anything wearing leggings yet (or at least alloted an entire blog on it. Just remembered I wore a different version and posted it together with my Mega stint). Leggings are staple pieces you can pair with just about anything. Most of the time, I'd don tights under dresses or oversized/ lengthy shirts. But because I'm goin after an inspiration-worthy look here (forgive me, but I can only try), I thought I'd brave my overly conscious lower limbs (aka thighs :))and suck the living daylight out of me. hehe I think 'we' survived... barely... 

So, if you want to give this fashion a shot, no need to scramble to the nearby mall. If you're a keeper of maillots (1 pc swim wear with cuts), all you have to do is try 'em with any of your fab bottom pieces and off you go! :)      

Threw over a gilet (vest) for a complete urban experience. Something you can translate in for a lunch mtg with the boss or simply running for a cup of coffee.

Forever21- gilet Karimadon- maillot 

SM Accessories- necklace

Forever 21- bracelet cuff

Forever 21- ring

The Ramp- faux reptilian leggings

H&M- bag

Zara- pump shoes

Thanks to my sissys, Charm and Tepi, for sharing their accs!


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