Monday, November 26, 2012

why don't we break the rules already?

Neon love. My dear friend, Lotte, mentioned how she couldn't don some neons yet. I told her you can mix neon to even the staples of all pieces. A white shirt, classic denims... Leave a dash of neon to work its luminous wonders. Right now, I'm just smitten with these stabilo creations. They literally bright up any occasion. <3

Zara- pink top
Primadonna- shorts
999 Mall- glasses
999 Mall- neck pieces

Human- sneakers
Leg Love- lace stockings
999 Mall- bracelets




Sunday, November 25, 2012

feeling the catastrophe, but she knows she can fly away

Best wishes to our good good friends, Mac & Tannia, who tied the knot yesterday down south. Kudos to Mac! Man, I didn't know you had it in you to orchestrate a wedding single-handedly (almost quite :) )! It was such a beautiful affair! And the spread! And those genius 'angel' wings! haha Sweetness! Thanks again so much, guys! We had an uber time! Too bad I'm not posting pics of the wedding here. Haha Anyhow, just blogging what I wore for the affair. Fernbrook (Alabang) reminded me of ethereal renaissance with those pretty gold interiors and sprawled greens. May pass for a scene from Lord of The Rings with Liv Tyler onset. Haha Sorry, most of the photos aren't as crisp as should be.      


Forever 21- gladiator cuff

Landmark Accessories- gold purse

Forever 21- earrings

Ever New- chain necklace with faux- diamond studs
Topshop- dress with low-back
Payless- cherry red pumps

Monday, November 5, 2012

carnival baroque

Here's my take on casual opulence following cues from lavish baroque. Hope you'll like it :)

Cotton On- metallic print leggings
F21- sheer metallic lace top
SM Accs- leatherette cuffs
H&M- gold choker
SM Accs- black & gold neck piece
F21- ear piece
Janylin- velvet shoes



Sunday, September 23, 2012

in the nude

Hello, world! Been gone awhile! Will be posting some photos of my new pastime (wink wink) a bit later :) Meanwhile, here's something nude... haha Nude slash skin tone slash color. Was at my nephew, Caleb's, christening today down south. Sumptuous spread! Thanks to our host and hostess, Pat and Joan! Can't get enough of those mouth melting blue M&M's! Sweet surrender! haha
Anyhow, going back, for this occasion, I wore this nude mullet piece with cutout back detail. Wearing nude can be a bit tricky or should I say, risky? For most, this shade may come off as tan, camel, or caramel. Either way, my fashion sense translates it with the nudes :) I love this shade of nude because it accentuates one's fair complexion. In effect, it creates a monochromatic scheme in harmony with my skintone. Nonetheless, this caramel shade  also works best against tan skintones. Effect is a sunkissed dance. Nude monochromes, or nude tones in general,  tend to blend like wallflowers, but sprucing them up gives them character, more like the 'umph' reaction. To break the mood of this dress, I added some black and gold accessories. A pair of gladiator-inspired cuffs, gold chain necklace, and chunky heels. Attempted moi interpretation of a 20's side-swept low bun enthused by my recent stint with The Great Gatsby. For this look, goal is to keep it simple (considering it's a morning affair) and yet capitalize by injecting texture-- in comes my fur tote! Have fun! :)

Forever 21- mullet dress
Aldo- pastel frame sunnies
SM Accessories- cuffs
H&M- chunky heels
Charles & Keith- bag