Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mega Mix & Max: 1 Dress, 7 Events

Introducing, Ever New, from Melbourne! Was psyched to do this feature with
For this feature, I prepared 7 equally sassy looks donning Ever New's Becky Bow dress. This piece stood out from the racks for these reasons: backless bow (which you can also wear as front!), full-on lace, blue-ish purpl-ish tinge. I love this blue shade!
While styling for Ever New, I had to mentally check the brand's target market. In as much as I would want to indulge in editorial opulence, I had to bear in mind that the feature will be released viral which means most of the viewers are real people who appreciate wearable fashion. To be an effective stylist, you should know when to pull the brakes. Edit. Eliminate. Edit. Eliminate... Less is more.
So, here it is. Ever New's Becky Bow dress translated in 7 different occassions. Hope you'll be able to draw inspiration from any of these collections.

Oh, btw, this is what I wore on the day I dropped by Mega to work on the collection. Believe it or not, this black sheer top was unearthed from Pandora's box sealed with my highschool days. I had it for a crazy dance competition during my senior year. Amazing how sheer found its course back into fashion. What I bear in mind when clearing my closet-- hold on to pieces with inimitable qualities, because you never know the wonders locked in them... or which genre you'll be seeing them again :)

Oliver- sheer top. Pd & Co, Rob Galleria- bandeau. The Ramp- metallic reptilian leggings. Forever 21- booties. Parfois- neck piece. Madison, Powerplant Mall- fluo cambridge satchel


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