Sunday, May 5, 2013

botanicals. cutouts.

Yes, I'm not giving the cutout invention a rest anytime soon!.. I'm such a fan! On second thought, maybe give me 'til the summer!? Wink wink Haha I've quite a few previous posts on cutouts. It's nice to know there's a multitude of ways to snip through fabric without making 'em look like your tailor's next sewing hazard!  I love this particular triangle cutout. For one, it's above the navel or the most sensitive part of your tummy, where exposure may be a bit concerned. Anyone who wants to show off a  little skin but is toying with 2nd thoughts, because probably we don't have rock packs as Gisele Bundchen or Miranda Kerr, may go with this type of cutout. The skin above the navel is relatively flat and doesn't concave as below the tummy. In essence, the cutout shows a flat region and not some 3D of your abdomen! If you get my drift! The triangle shape also creates an illusion similar to that of an hourglass. The dress's pleated full-skirt detail makes me want to whisk around in it! Botanical prints are refreshing and wider takes on florals and are so on my palette this season. I wore this  piece to a good friend's birthday lunch. Its breezy silhouette was the perfect summer afternoon companion! Tea anyone?! Here are some photos :)    

Aldo- sunnies

S&H Landmark Department Store- silver metallic shoes with spikes

Marquise, Metro Gaisano Market Market- botanical- print dress with cutout detail


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Heima Brixton Bbq Party

One of the great summer parties thrown this year. Heima alongside Status Magazine, Co. Lab, and Keds hosted The Brixton Bbq Party last April 20 over at Heima's new home in Brixton. Heima's concrete driveway was converted to instant social platform where creatives, entrepreneurs, and influencers alike came in their best street-style summer outfit and enjoyed music, good food-- roasted corn!-- and great friends. Featured live performances included No Rome, Similar Objects, Major Chie, Idkids, CoExist, Zomtendo, Skymarines, I Press Play, and Nativity. Best part of the party was taking in Heima's display of latest Sweet Summer products and designs-- quirky furniture and vintage pieces! Eager shoppers, with me, swarmed and oogled til our heart's content. The store was truly one of its own kind. Visit Heima at #3 Brixton Street Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Here are some photos from that fun fun night!  

Pretty mint lamps. Lovin' the effect of black bricks juxtaposed to the mint lamps.

I'd like to call this 'Pinwheel Wall'. The wall that caught my awe. Reminded me of the quirky window displays of Anthropologie. Utter genius!

Heima is the furniture designer behind Kamiseta's new pastry shop, Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. If you visit one of their shops, you see that the vibe is much aligned with Heima's design concept. Very quirky and feminine.

Wall of frames

Don't mind a writer's block with this color-coded vintage machines

Hmm, lemon!

A corner for your classic notes

You bet there was overflowing (free) beer!

No Rome

Cool graffiti

Co- Exist

Mexikombi- Speedy Gonzales serving burritos, tacos, and nachos! Cool mobile food van! 
Visit them at or

Keds gave away candies and cotton candy for the night!

My Keds choice :)

Oh, look who we bumped into! Our dear friend, Anne :)

A fun-filled night indeed! Thanks, Heima and Status Mag!