Sunday, October 27, 2013


The plethora of fashion geniuses who dot the streets of (international) fashion week is just surreal. I literally go gaga with the parade of individuals decked out in meticulously put-together but seemingly effortless highstreet ensemble. It's a fashion gamut enough to fill one's creative juices, and closet for that matter, until the next season struts again. 

If I were going to Paris Fashion Week, this would probably be one in my suitcase. An all-black number to set you apart from a sea of opulent crayola fashion. Whenever I find an interesting fashion piece that isn't out in the local shops yet, I like to do a DIY. It may not be as spotlessly hemmed as the real thing but it gives you trend way before they trace their steps to the local shelves. Just like this haltered top. First attempt on this top, I pulled a narrow scarf and ended up showing off more than what I had planned. Oops! So, next time around, I must've been wiser! Made sure I got the widest scarf and walah! Not bad, right?! When the day ends, I pull my scarf back and cuddle. Talk about versatile! Here's how I styled my DIY haltered top (with Paris on my mind! ;) ). Oui, oui, Paris!  

I was wearing:

FOREVER 21 Moto Vest
Tulle Skirt
FOREVER 21 Booties
SM BAGS Quilted Long- Chain Purse
FOREVER 21 Fringe Earrings
H&M Rings
FOREVER 21 Rings
ALDO Sunnies 

Photos by:
Eric Viacrusis

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