Monday, June 10, 2013


What draws me to the streets of Intramuros are its quaint narrow avenues, old Spanish architectures, and the whisk of nostalgic air spelling opulent Philippine history. I wasn't around during those period. Thank heavens! :) But every time we frequent this part of Manila, we are reminded of how once a upon a century this land was a battlefield. The soft gallops of horse-driven kalesas and staged passers-by fashioned in Maria Claras and Katipuneros complete the experience. Too bad though, we couldn't take more snaps of the surrounding architecture! We were informed by the roving guards clad in blue suits with wide-brimmed hats (now you know who to steer clear from next time around!) that we needed a note to proceed. Uh-oh. That kinda translated to calling it a day for us! Haha We stuck around and stole a few shots!    

I've had these photos for a while in May :( Wasn't able to post soonest! When I think of Intramuros, I think white. Probably because white is such a classic color. You wouldn't want to mess with all that history! Haha Here's a short white skater dress which I heart and I think you know why! It's V-plunge and dainty bow is a genius combination of flirty and fun! Donning an all-white calls for your 'less is more' drama. How would you dress your whites?     

I was wearing:

DANIELA's skater dress
ZARA shoes
THE RAMP collar neckpiece

Photos by:
 Allan Mendoza

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