Sunday, January 6, 2013

the world is not in your books or maps. it's out there! happy 2013!

Happy 2013, Everyone! 

I haven't been posting in awhile. Here's something I took before the new year. I got this feather piece back in November. Was waiting for the opportune time to wear it. This skirt reminded me of The Black Swan (with Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis) with it's innocence and madness delicately convulsed into this masterpiece. To give strength to this look, I opted for an all-black modern aztec spin through side body-cuts and chunky gladiator strap wedges. Finished off with bloody red lips. I wanted to justify the intricacy of the skirt by giving it an androgynous spin pulled off in black canvass and edgy silhouette. Keeping it monotoned allowed me to inject texture and details. Monotone (again, as you've probably heard me gush in my previous posts!) is key if you want to infuse details without tripping over thematic. Keeping in mind my focus is my skirt, I added details which belonged to the same family- subtle geometric patterns. And later on, played off a little with kitten ears! Haha Cherry on my oxymoron!  

Una Rosa- dress used as top

Crossings, The Ramp- feather skirt

Janylin- gladiator wedge

Forever 21- emerald earrings

Yhansy- kitten ears headband

Yhansy is located at the 5th Level of Shangri-la Mall, Edsa. Find them on Facebook at 


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