Monday, January 14, 2013

i am meg s1 (2nd part)

Here are succeeding fashions from the next episodes of I Am Meg. Started with Episode 10 as this is 1 of my fav! Which of the looks do you like so far?

Episode 10- Presentation of Top Girls

Popo Go     Raoul Ramirez     Bonne     Janylin  

Episode 7- Nobleland Challenge

Promod     Ever New     
Accessorize     Evita Peroni
Janylin     So Fab

Episode 11- It's A Man's World

Ducati     KTM

Finale episode on my next post! 



  1. Style is pretty confusing, it’s everywhere. From the television and movies to the newspaper and magazines we read.Nicole Whisenhunt an accessory designer known worldwide for her jewellery and accessories designs and collections.

  2. Hi Gavin, thanks for dropping by! The show features different concepts per episode which gives it a mix of fashion. Yes, Nicole Whisenhunt is a genius on her own :)