Tuesday, April 24, 2012

hey, i heard you are the wild one

While swarming through racks filled with the season's trends, I can't help but feel overwhelmed with so many pretty and interesting details to try on. But after meticulously scanning and getting acquainted with each clever innovation, I find myself ending up buying a lesser trendy piece or a much staple item. My fashion principle-- when you can, don't get preoccupied with the trend while it's hot. Either, you start the trend or revert to it once the commotion has died down, resurrecting it with sauve. 

So, i ended up with a classic lbd. The moment I got hold of this lbd, I instantly mentally assigned it to my 'must-have' basket.3 reasons: keyholes, peplum, and lbd.

Keyhole necklines are a fresh cut to get steering away from your regular low v-necks. Notwithstanding, keyholes, equally (if not better), spells sophisticated-sexy.  

Peplums. Peplums are a great waist-cincher. Reminded me of Charlotte of Sex in the City, and Blaire of Gossip Girl. 

Aldo- gladiator pumps

Backless keyhole. Need I say more?

Forever 21- lbd, gold collar neck piece



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