Monday, April 22, 2013

Rainbows & Ombre

The Brixton Bbq Party happened at Heima's new store. Will write more about the party on my  post later :) The moment I heard bbq party, a purchase from a recent shopping trip came flying off my wardrobe rack! Bbq parties may as well pass off as backyard-party version of coachella fests. Given you're serving music and fashion in one plate! Boho inspired-- there goes your florals, lace, tribals, denims, braids, feathers, booties-- enter the eclectic realm of such celebrations. I, on the other hand, diverted from boho (don't get me wrong, I heart boho!), and slid into this pair of rainbow cosmic delight. Then again, anything breezy will pass off at a bbq party! So many reasons why I love this pair. One, is because they're matchy-matchy! I've unconsciously been scouring the malls for summer matching top & bottom. It didn't take me a moment's hesitation to pounce on this purchase. Haha Second, its combination of cosmic print in  pastel palette is just refreshing. And third, it's a middy (top) and made from soft material- like to think it's silk :) Something that equips one to cohabit in this intense weather! For accessories, accessorized with ombre earrings. The ombre trend just doesn't end on your pretty tresses (think sweet Kelly Osbourne's grayish purple hair- which I heart, btw). If you're indecisive of what color to sport, just go ombre! Teehee      

Indie-Go Boutique- matching top & bottom. Visit them at or

Cambridge Satchel- Fluo pink

Forever 21- Ombre earrings

Rainbow cosmic print

JellyBean- hidden wedge shoes

Circuit, Makati- dropped by before heading to Brixton

Thanks to hubby, Eric, for my shots! I'm still tanned from our recent surf trip. Yay! :)


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