Sunday, March 3, 2013

Braids, sheers, embros

The moment I saw Valentino SS 2012 last year, I've been silently wishing to try those romantic crown braids. Just been hanging around for the perfect occasion. Attempted these braids for a summer ad with the brand I was working for back then. Haha Here I am in a white sheer dress with braided locks for a good friend's wedding at Shangrila, Boracay. The lightness and airiness of the dress spelled beach wedding. Thanks to Bangz, who dropped by our hotel to give me a hand. After Bangz effortlessly maneuvered my braids, I tied my loose strands into a no-fuss low bun. Braids, polka dot sheer, not to mention-- white, puzzled in together the quintessential romantic look I was trying to aim for. Stepped into comfy wedge shoes. Wedge shoes are my most trusted armor in parties along shores. We don't want to sink our stilletos into those loose sands. Either wedges or dear slippers, any footwear with full soles. Whala! Capped off with red lips for a tinge of drama-- nah, just really wanted to work some color to this nearly white canvass :p

Delicate embroidery with keyhole chest

Forever 21- fringe earrings (I like to call them robot earrings :p Am I the only one who sees the semblance?!)

Sharing photos of my favorite part of the wedding! Raiding the snack bar!

Snack Bar in scrabble-inspired print. As if we'd miss those candies with all them colors and saccharine glory!

Y- ayo

F- aye

Orange Swits! Nostalgic of good 'ol days.  

Happy newly- couple! Yayo & Faye! By far, best wedding of the year! Love you, guys! 

Going back to some shots of my dress for the event. Haha

Sheer skirt with polka dots texture

Miss Selfridge- sheer maxi dress with embroidery detail


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