Tuesday, May 22, 2012

alice in wonderland

Yellow floating bubble dress (worn as skirt) by Yako Reyes (The Vatican, Podium) 

For some reason, felt like Alice in this yellow and black pair. The bubble effect, paisley print of the dress gives a whimsical, nostalgic sense which catapults you back to younger and playful times.

Pd & Co. (Paperdolls & Co.)- black cropped blazer

Black maillot top from Eastwood Mall which I purchased 2 years ago for Lightwater brand activation in Boracay. I thought I paid a hefty amount for this piece. 2 years and it's still as good as new. Served as my constant fashion go-to. Dive in it or simply sashay on vintage cobblestones in style paired with rugged white shorts or maxi skirts.

Forever 21- neck piece

SM Accessories- belt

SM Parisian- shoes, Rajo for Parisian

Forever 21- spike rings


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